About the weather

As a guide to the weather, we expect clear sunny days with blue skies throughout the year. There is no specific rainy season. When the rainy days do come, they rarely last for long, though late summer tempests can be spectacularly severe!

The hottest months are July and August with temperatures normally in the mid to high thirties Celsius (90°-105°F), whilst in winter the usually clear skies mean night temperatures that are often sub-zero, yet one may often still take lunch on a sunny terrace.

The provençaux regard the legendary mistral as their wind. Contrary to common belief, it can blow at any time of the year. Coming from the north and funnelled by the Rhone valley, it is always cool, refreshing in summer, and sometimes very cold, but always it brings clear blue skies and sun, “le grand balai dans le ciel” or “the great broom in the sky” as the local saying goes. Saint Didier is naturally sheltered from the mistral whilst reaping its benefits.

Being on the edge of the low Alps (Basse-Alpes) snow is always a possibility in winter but rarely lasts the day, though Mont Ventoux, at nearly 2000 metres (6000 feet) has a flourishing ski resort.